Bank Holiday Monday (29 August): Great Overton Duck Race

Official Website: http://greatovertonduckrace.co.uk Watching rubber rucks floating down a lovely, calm river — a fine form .of safe excitement indeed. This will be the eleventh year it will be happening on Late Summer Bank Holiday Monday on the River Test in Overton, Hampshire. The event … [Read More...]

Attention dull men in Sydney: newspaper reporter is looking for you

I am a journalist on The Sydney Morning Herald. I recently saw a documentary about the Dull Men's Club and hope I might meet and interview any club members who live in Sydney. The club sounds marvelous. I love talking to people who are passionate about things — particularly when so many other … [Read More...]

Seniors’ groups — be careful which one you join

http://i.imgur.com/2SvpTAA.gifv … [Read More...]

World Championship Cardboard Boat Races — Saruday July 30

30th Annual World Championship Cardboard Boat Races July 30, 2016 — Heber Springs, Arkansas [last Saturday of July every year] Dam Site Park — racing starts at 10:00 a.,m. Awards: •  Pride of the Fleet Award for the engineering marvel •  Captain’s Award for the most creative … [Read More...]

Practicing for the real Ironman Competition

 "Treenaan joutessani seuraavaa Teräsmies kilpailua varten" [Finnish] "Training for the next Ironman competition" [translated to English] Thanks for Narcissa Vanderlip for sending this to us. July 25, 2016 … [Read More...]

International Cheese Awards

July 27 and 27, 2016 — Nantwich, Cheshire — annually last Tuesday and Wednesday of July http://www.internationalcheeseawards.co.uk Two-day event. Tuesday is judging day. Wednesday: announcement of awards and then the 40,000 attendees sample and buy cheese. There are 260 categories of … [Read More...]

“Royal Swan Upping” — counting the Queen’s swans — starts today

The Royal Swan Upping is the annual census taking and a health check of swans on the Thames. It occurs ever year in the third week of July. The swans on portions of the river that go through Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire Surrey, and Middlesex are owned by the Queen. It began in the … [Read More...]

Breaking news for dulldom: ‘Trainspotting Live’, new on BBC Four

11 July 2016 Dear DMC, Great news for British Dull Men Steve Reszetniak Margate, Kent Trailer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DX2GsE12VVE BBC Media Latest News: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/proginfo/2016/28/trainspotting-live … [Read More...]

Petition to UK parliament: women should not be forced to wear high heels

Brexit has not been the only far-reaching issue in the UK. There's an issue about women being forced to wear high heels at work Price Waterhouse Coopers sent receptioinist Nicola Thorp home because she refused to wear high heels, even after repeated warnings. Nicola is obtaining signatures for … [Read More...]

Where white man went wrong?

Or would that way of life be too exciting for us dull men? … [Read More...]

This Saturday 9 July 2016: World Pea Shooting Championships

9 July 2016 — second Saturday in July every year — World Pea Shooting Championships on the Village Green in Witcham, Cambridgeshire Competitors and spectators come not only from all parts of the UK but also from Europe, New Zealand, and the U.S. The championships began in 1971 as a fundraiser … [Read More...]

Breaking news from Times Square: Kellogg’s “Cereal Cafe” has opened

Kellogg's NYC, the first cereal cafe in America, opened on Times Square on the 4th of July. Not with a bang — instead it was snap, crackle & pop. Kellogg's NYC is at 1600 Broadway — 49th and Broadway. Opening hours 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m every day of the week. A bowl … [Read More...]

Amazing videos of power washing – 13 short episodes

      … [Read More...]

Sunday 3 July: Skipton Sheep Day

Skipton Sheep Day — July 3, 2016 (first Sunday every July) Skipton Sheep Day, an annual event on High Street in Skipton (Yorkshire), features: Displays of traditional and rare breeds of sheep Sheep Racing Demonstrations of sheep shearing, sheep dogs at work, farriers, and … [Read More...]

Brexit: little if any affect on ability of dull men to “Celebrate the Ordinary” in UK

When we heard the UK will be out of the EU, we wondered whether we should be concerned. After a quick assessment (quicker than we normally do things, we don't like to rush), we think we will be OK. We can continue to do things we like to do. It will still be OK to be dull. By looking into this, … [Read More...]

Starts today: National Marble Championships, Wildwood New Jersey

92nd Annual National Marbles Tournament — June 22-23, 2016 June 20, 2016 The marbles tournament will be held this year for four days, June 20-23. "Mibsters"(marble shooters) compete for national honors, college scholarships, and other prizes and awards. They will play 1,200 or more games over … [Read More...]

Today: World Sauntering Day

June 19 — [same date every year] Sauntering: walking along slowly, aimlessly, happily World Sauntering Day began in 1979 at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan, the hotel with the world's longest porch — 660 feet long. W.T. Rabe, the hotel's public relations director, started the day … [Read More...]

Starts today: London’s Open Garden Squares Weekend

Have you ever wondered what's behind those hedges and locked gates that keep riff-raff out of the many private garden squares in London? If so, then this special weekend is what you've been waiting for — they will be open to the public — for a cost of only £10 per ticket. Here's an amazing list … [Read More...]

Duck Tape Festival — Avon Ohio — June 17-19

Avon's Duck Tape Festival takes place Father's Day Weekend every year. Avon, a suburb of Cleveland, is known as the "Duck Tape Capital of the World." A major duck tape manufacture is located there. "Duck Tape" or "Duct Tape"? — a facinating topic for dull men to discuss. Could it be that both … [Read More...]


Although Brexit appears is dominating news in the UK, there are other things happening. One of these is of great interest to dull men: reforming escalator riding. The words above on the subject line, which were on the front page of the International New York Times a few days ago, caught our … [Read More...]

Garages of Chervonograd (Ukraine)

Hello [exclamation point removed] What could be duller than Russian garages? This might amuse you and our Dull friends. It comes from the web-site of Anatolia Babiychuk: http://www.babiychuk.com/projects/garages/ Anatolia has a book coming out, The Garages of Chervonograd — brilliantly … [Read More...]

Royal Bun Throwing on Queen’s Birthday – Abingdon’s 255 year-old tradition coinciding with royal events

12 June 2016 Dear DMC, Check out my video on BBC South Today news. It shows some of yesterday's 'Bun Throwing' in Abingdon to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday: https://t.co/pTVqVJoMZJ starting at the 4 minute 35 second mark; after that link has expired, go … [Read More...]

Trooping the Colour – “Celebrating the Orderly” – safe excitement for us but not for everyone

  … [Read More...]

Queen’s 90th birthday picnic on The Mall — “very British”

Three key British ingredients: queuing, hampers, rain … [Read More...]

Today is National Yo-Yo Day in America

June 6 — same day every year Yo-yos date back at least as far as ancient Greece. A Greek vase painting from 500 BC shows a boy playing with a yo-yo. Yo-yos were made popular in America when Donald F. Duncan manufactured the Duncan Yo-Yo in the early 1900s. Duncan Yo-Yos are on display in … [Read More...]

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