Breaking news from WTOP, Washington DC: new evidence for toilet paper “over/under” debate

"Over" is the answer some say because that's what's shown in the patent applications — it's in the article "1891 toilet paper patent settles 'over or under' debate" in WTOP News, Washington, DC. But does that really settle it? What would happen if it's "under"? Would some catastrophe occur? A … [Read More...]

FB hat in tree 1

Breaking news from North Yorkshire: hat found in tree

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B bandstand

Breaking News: “Bandstands of Britain” in today’s MailOnline

"Then and now pictures of Britain's iconic bandstands: Landscape architect tours country's parks to research treasured structures"  A wonderful new book by Paul Rabbitts, Bandstand of Britain, is covered in today’s MailOnline. Paul, a qualified landscape architect, is a leading expert on … [Read More...]

B bandstand

Breaking News: “Bandstands of Britain” in today’s MailOnline

" Then and now pictures of Britain's iconic bandstands: Landscape gardener tours country's parks to research treasured structures" A wonderful new book by Paul Rabbitts, Bandstand of Britain, is covered in today's MailOnline. Paul, a qualified landscape architect, is a leading expert on … [Read More...]

Boys' Toys

Boys’ Toys — but perhaps over the top for dull men?

Click on the image above to see more "toys" . . . or click here . . . Too exciting for us? One interesting thing pointed out by one of our members is this might be an example of where boys are different than girls. Boys like this kind of stuff. Girls could care less? … [Read More...]

B Making some toast

From @boringtweets: excitement at breakfast time

A video that speaks (quietly) for itself: … [Read More...]

Ken with VD card

Breaking news from Yorkshire: same valentine given to wife 37 years in a row

Ken McCoy today gave his wife Valerie the same Valentine's Day card, but with new inscription added, that he's given in each of the 36 preceding years:  Continuity is a character trait we admire. Ken gets top marks. … [Read More...]

VD card gray

Dullest Valentine’s Day Card ever?

Red replaced with grey:   … [Read More...]

Dishwasher 1

Breaking news from Birmingham: study reveals exactly how to load dishwasher

Engineers at the University of Birmingham tracked water movements in dishwaters using radioactive isotopes. They discovered the definitive way to load dishes, which will finally put an end to those arguments that have been going on far too long. Here it is in the Daily Mail: "The science of … [Read More...]

bus riding bus

Breaking news from Seattle: dog rides bus by itself

Eclipse, a black Labrador, rides a city bus by herself. She gets on at the bus stop in front of her house and gets off at the dog park. She leaps over the other passengers to grab a window seat. Reported by NPR: "How Urbane: Dog Rides Seattle Bus To Get To The Park." … [Read More...]

B Happy New Year scrapple

Last night — New Year’s Eve — what did dull men do?

 Yesterday we posted "New Year’s Eve: what will dull men be doing?" Here's an update, a recap of comments on that post, comments from men describing what they'd be doing: •  “I’ll be sewing name tags on all the new socks received for Christmas last week, after I iron them. Then have a small glass … [Read More...]

B 2015 2015 2015

New Year’s Eve: what will dull men be doing?

Many of us will be staying in — practicing writing 2015 over and over again — so we hit the ground running in the new year — no mistakes when writing dates on letters, checks, etc. … [Read More...]

B New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Good resolutions for a dull man? . . . any to add? Keep my shed tidy Floss more often Keep my pencils sharp Arrange paper clips in my desk buy size Check my rulers to see whether they are still straight (I'm buying a new ruler to do this) Make certain everything in the fridge is ordered by … [Read More...]

B first IT professional at work

From Scandinavia – first recorded IT professional

Way before the IKEA bookbook instructional video we posted two days ago, "Experience the power of IKEA's bookbook," there were IT professionals at work in Scandinavia. There's a long history there for this type of creativity. Click here to watch a video from Norway taken years ago: "The First IT … [Read More...]

B IKEA bookbook

Breaking tech news: “Experience the Power of IKEA’s bookbook”

Click here for this experience 28 December 2014 … [Read More...]

B Fields

“Fields” calendar: dull men will enjoy this

Good time to buy it — it's now 40% off. Thanks to Andy Oxley for informing us out this 28 December 2014 … [Read More...]

B parrot hat close up

Breaking news from Aberdeen: “Injured Parrot Rescued”

BBC News: 'Injured parrot' in Aberdeen was actually a Christmas hat" The hat is now being safely looked after at the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals centre in Drumoak. If anyone recognises the hat they are welcome to come and collect it.  Thanks to Steve Reszetniak for … [Read More...]

Xmas card gray 2

Alternative Christmas Card – duller

Our Christmas card posted yesterday — the card showing snowmen on an airport luggage carousel — received many positive responses, many readers liked it. There were a few complaints, however. So we’re posting a second one, one that’s dulled down. One of the complaints about the first card is … [Read More...]

Xmas card snowmen on carousel copy

Christmas Greetings . . . from the Dull Men’s Club

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Xmas batteries

Days 7 thru 12 — of 12 days of (dull) gift suggestions

Day 7 — Slippers  Day 8 — Anorak   Day 9 — Ear Muffs Day 10 — Coasters   Day 11 — Kit for boiled eggs with soldiers Day 12 — Batteries … [Read More...]

Xmas Lists of Note cover

Day 6 — of 12 days of (dull) gift suggestions: “Lists of Note”

Dull men love lists. A great new book that is a great gift for a dull man is  Lists of Note — an amazing book — 125 lists from as early as the 12th Century BC up to recent times. It can be a last-minute gift as it's on Kindle. Rodney the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Rudolf was chosen From … [Read More...]

Xmas See-Thru Toaster

Day 5 — of 12 days of (dull) gift suggestions: “See-Thru Toaster”

S See-Thru Toaster There’s more to enjoying a dull life than watching paint dry. There's also watching watch toast toast. As the manufacture says: This toaster lets you see those slices gradually turning just the shade of golden brown that meets your preference. Other great highlights are • … [Read More...]

Xmas snow-globe-christmas

Day 4 of 12 days of (dull) gift suggestions — “Snow Globe”

  Snow globes are a wonderful. Fun to watch. A wonderful way to enjoy winter. You can watch snow blowing around without having to go outdoors where it's cold and wet. … [Read More...]

David Rees

Day 3 of 12 days of (dull) gift suggestions — “Artisanal Pencil Sharpening”

Here's a last minute gift idea . . . order the Kindle book "How to Sharpen Pencils" for a gift . . . followed up with the sharpened pencil. These extra-sharp pencils make wonderful gifts. Recipients will be reacquainted with the pleasures of hand-shaped pencils. Craftsman David Rees, upstate … [Read More...]

Women ready for front line combat

Evidence that women ready for Army’s front line

From The Telegraph … [Read More...]

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