National Pie Day [USA]

January 23 . . . [same date every year] "Grab a Slice of Life" — information from American Pie Council Pie History •  Pies date back to ancient Egypt. •  The first pie recipe was published by the Romans — rye-crusted goat cheese and honey pie. •  Romans spread pies throughout … [Read More...]

National Handwriting Day [USA]

  National Handwriting Day is celebrated on January 23, birthday of John Hancock, American revolutionary, first to sign U.S. Declaration of Independence. Peggy Post, great-granddaughter-in-law of Emily Post, writes in Time "Why Handwriting Matters in a Digital World": "I’m all for … [Read More...]

Breaking news from Vienna: straßenbahn hijacked

A Tram Thief Took a Short Joyride in Austria — from Atlas Obscura  Excerpt: "Around 8 a.m. this past Saturday, a tram driver on the 60 line in Vienna stopped in Rodaun for a bathroom break. He locked up his tram, and went off to take care of business. But when he returned shortly after, he was … [Read More...]

Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day

Squirrel Appreciation Day is a day to enjoy watching the tree climbing, nut gathering squirrels in your neighborhood. By January they run low on food they squirreled away in the fall so treat them to nuts leftover from the holidays. Squirrel Appreciation Day was started by Christy Hargrove, a … [Read More...]

Breaking News from Washington — umbrellas now allowed at inauguration — but only short ones

Why the change in policy about umbrellas? It's raining. Why not long ones? They might be rifles. What about shorts ones being pistols? Read more: Umbrellas Will Be Allowed at Trump Inauguration — but Only Certain Kinds — Wall Street Journal … [Read More...]

Breaking News from Norfolk — “The” being might be deleted from street names

Breckland Council in Norfolk is studying whether ‘The” should no longer be used in its street names. When ‘the’ is included in an address, such as ‘The Walk’, valuable time is lost when writing addresses. The recommendation is for new street names only; retrospective changes will not be … [Read More...]

Gravedigging Championships — Central Europe

A team of two brothers, Ladislav and Csaba Skladan from Slovakia, have been crowned the fastest gravediggers in Central Europe — Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary. The championships were held in Trecin, Slovakia. Ten teams competed. Contestants were judged on time and neatness. The Skladan … [Read More...]

Today: National Nothing Day — what will you not be doing?

    January 16 — [same date every year] What will you not be doing to celebrate National Nothing Day? The day was created in 1973 by San Francisco Examiner columnist Harry Pullman Coffin to be the ultimate unevent that would "provide Americans with one national day when they … [Read More...]

A few favorite dates in history for us dull men

Except for this one:   … [Read More...]

National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase: Top Ten Picks for 2016

  We're on the list — our 15-minute film Born to Be Mild — their selection for the Humor category, click here … [Read More...]

Young man in Czech Republic proves it – we can read anywhere anytime

Jakub Pavlovs, 21, born in Slovakia, living now in the Czech Republic — staunchly supports reading. He reads anywhere anytime.   He's created a project he's calling Book's Calling. But shouldn't it be Books Calling? Do the Books own Calling? We checked with John Richards, … [Read More...]

Knitter’s ingenious way of touring the world

Sam Barsky, Baltimore, knits sweaters of places and then takes selfies standing in front of the places. Some sweaters ['jumpers' in England] are of well-known places: Stonehenge, Tower Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Times Square, Manhattan skyline, Niagara Falls. Other sweaters, more up our … [Read More...]

January 9: National Clean Your Desk Day

Occurs the second Monday in January every year — a day to: •  Catch up on filing — finish 2016 and set up new folders for 2017 •  Arrange paper clips by size •  Arrange pens and pencils by ink colors and point sizes •  Fill staplers •  Check batteries •  Dust everything •  Throw out … [Read More...]

New Year’s Resolutions — where are yours now?

[Read More...]

Happy New Year

[Read More...]

New Year’s Resolutions — do dull men need to make any?

Do we need to make any? Aren't we OK the way we are?   … [Read More...]

New Year’s Eve — what to do? — practice writing 2017?

What should a dull man do on New Year's Eve? How about doing like this one did December 31, 2012? He stayed home to practice writing 2013 — so he could hit the ground running at the start of the new year — no mistakes when writing checks, letters, and other things. … [Read More...]

12 Days of Christmas Gifts — add more to the list?

Our list continues to grow —  any more you'd like to add? — email them to contactus@dullmensclub.com.   Let's take a break for background info (trivia?): Traditionally, 12 Days of Christmas was the opposite of what we think now. It came after … [Read More...]

Christmas card – snowman’s baby picture

Making snowmen is fun, safe excitement for duill men. We also like to watch snow melt. In the case of snowmen we've built, although it's sad to see them melt, we remember the good times we had with them. … [Read More...]

Southboro DMC — demonstration by International Guild of Knot Tyers member

December 17, 2016 Yesterday's meeting of the Southboro DMC was one that will knot forgotten for a long time. Elliott Simons, who not only belongs to the Southboro DMC, he also belongs to the International Guild of Knot Tyers, gave a Show and Tell about his fascinating hobby. He demonstrated many … [Read More...]

Christmas card — gray

The snowmen on an airport luggage carousel — received many positive responses, many readers liked it. There were a few complaints, however. So here's a card that’s dulled down. One of the complaints about the first card is it’s colors are too exciting for dull men. The second card removes that … [Read More...]

Christmas card — snowmen riding on airport luggage carousel

Thanks to Mark Crean for designing this card. … [Read More...]

Underdog Day

December 16 — third Friday every year A day to honor backup staff, unsung heroes, like Sherlock Holmes’s Dr Watson, Robinson Crusoe’s Man Friday, Long Ranger's Tonto? U.S. Vice Presidents? Also those who come from behind to win – tortoises and hares (see them at the top of this … [Read More...]

12 Months of 2017 calendar: “Cutlery Sculptures by Wilfred Maw”

Wilf was pottering around in his shed when his grandson wandered in and asked, 'Granddad, can you make me a frog?' 'I welded spoons together, shaped tithe into a frog, something I’d never done before’, Wilf said. ‘It only took a couple of minutes.’ After the frog, he kept at it. Next was a … [Read More...]

Today: 148th Anniversary of 1st traffic light in UK

December 9, 1868: the first traffic light in the UK was installed outside the Houses of Parliament in London. It controlled traffic at the intersection of  Bridge Street, Great George Street, and Parliament Street. It used gas lamps, not electric lights and was manually operated, not automatic. A … [Read More...]

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