Fill Your Staplers Day — November 5 USA and Canada

Fill Your Staplers Day: November 5 in US and Canada (October 29 in Europe) The Dull Men’s Club established two Fill Your Staplers Days each year: (1) the day after clocks change from daylight saving time in November and (2) the day after clocks change to daylight saving time in … [Read More...]

Clocks Change — 2:00 a.m. Sunday Nov. 4 — leaving Daylight Saving Time — USA and Canada

Many of our members stay up until 2:00 a.m. to change their clocks at exactly the right time. It's rare we stay up so late. Facinating topic for Dull Men to discuss: Daylight “Saving” or “Savings” Time? This is an excerpt … [Read More...]

Daylight saving time ends in Europe — Sunday 28 October

zzz … [Read More...]

Facebook Group — Dull Men’s Club — becoming home to much of our activity

https://www.facebook.com/groups/dullmensclubgroup/     … [Read More...]

Checklists Day — October 30

Why October 30? October 30, 1935 — airplane crash that led to the use of checklists by pilots. A prototype for the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress crashed during takeoff at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio. The cause of the crash was a "gust lock" that was still engaged. After the crash, a group of … [Read More...]

National Punctuation Day

September 24 — same date every year nationalpunctuationday.com The first thing you see on the website for this important event are icons for punctuation marks. Clicking on an icon gets you to rules for the punctuation mark. We clicked on the website's icon for exclamation points. The advice is … [Read More...]

BBQ at Southboro Massachusetts — four local DMCs

Trip Report — by Grover Click The annual BBQ of local DMCs in the Boston area took place Thursday July 16 in  Southboro, Massachusetts, hosted by the Southboro DMC. 56 men from local DMCs were there: 15 from Pembroke, 20 from Northboro, 3 from Sterling, and 18 from Southboro. I was there too. We … [Read More...]

Today is “World Oceans Day”

[Read More...]

Donald Duck’s 84th birthday

Born June 9, 1934 — Donald turns 84 today Donald is thought to be in second place compared to Micky Mouse — Donald doesn't mind — like we dull men, he sees benefits in second place:   Donald Duck trivia — what is Donald's middle name? (be a hit at parties with … [Read More...]

London’s Bollards — Phylogenetic Tree

Thanks to Ashley Chism, Ridgeland Mississippi, for sending this to us. Being a DMC member from America, Ashley has learned a few things about what’s going on in England. He had not neared of bollards until he joined the DMC. He said in an email to us, “I work in a multi-level office building … [Read More...]

PC Pro magazine — DMC member Steve Morton is one of the cover stories — July issue

The practical benefits of analog technology are familiar to Steve Morton.  In 2008 he joined Philofaxy, a blog that passionately expounds the benefits of paper planners Steve’s enthusiasm is routed in practicality. “It’s speed,” he says. “Getting your phone out, unlocking it, getting into the … [Read More...]

‘Delightlfuflly Dull, Briliantly Boring Evening’ — in Preston, Lancashire — we’d like you to attend

  May 15 — Tuesday — 6:00-8:00 pm "Celebrating the Ordinary" Dr Sandi Mann, UCLAN faculty member and author of The Science of Boredom: The Upside of Downtime, and the DMC are thinking of putting on this event — here's where to order … [Read More...]

Best ever practical joke — by Norman Cousins

The nurse brought a lunch tray to Norman Cousins (1959-1990) who was in a hospital "laughing his way to wellness."  The nurse also brought Mr. Cousins a cup for a urine specimen, saying that when convenient he should put a specimen in the cup, that she'd pick it up when she came back to pick up the … [Read More...]

National Pencil Day — March 30

Why are pencils yellow? A pencil, painted yellow was introduced in 1890 by the L & C Hardtmuth Company in Austria-Hungary. It was their Koh-I-Noor pencil. Kohj-I-Noor, the name of a famous diamond, was chosen because their pencil was the world’s highest quality pencil. And it was expensive. … [Read More...]

World Water Day — March 22

World Water Day, sponsored by the United Nations, is a day focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and to promote good management of freshwater resources. It's an opportunity for each of us to learn more about water related issues, to spread the word, and to take action to make a … [Read More...]

lagom, hygge, ikigai

lagom, hygge, ikigai Have you heard of lagom, hygge, or ikigai? You have heard of one or two but not all three? These three words from Sweden, Denmark. and Japan represent tools we can use to  "Celebrate the Ordinary." And help us deal with irritating aspects of life today — pressures to … [Read More...]

Pi Day — 3/14

Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, approximately 3.14 to 1 — Pi Day is 3/14 every year. Pi is symbolized by π, the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. The digits for pi never end and they never repeat in any pattern: Contests are held to see who can … [Read More...]

Ear Muffs — Patent Anniversary

March 13, 1887 — Ear Muffs Patented by Chester Greenwood Patent 188,292 was issued by the U.S. Patent Office to Chester Greenwood on March 13, 1877. Click here to read more about this important advance in convenience and comfort when confronting cold weather. … [Read More...]

Today — Check Batteries Day

Sunday — March 11, 2018 A day designated for checking batteries in all our electronic devices. It's listed in Chase's Calendar of Events as taking place the same day clocks change to Daylight Saving Time: Smoke detectors are especially important to check: … [Read More...]

Safe excitement early Sunday morning in USA and Canada – clocks change — will you stay up for it?

March 11, 2018 — changing clocks in USA and Canada [March 25 in Europe] — rarely do dull men stay up this late Areas not using Daylight Saving Time (DST): *  Not all areas of the U.S. are covered. Most of Arizona does not use it. Here’s an article about … [Read More...]

“Quest for Loose Change” — interesting and gratifying way of celebrating the ordinary

"What I’ve Learned from My Quest for Loose Change" by Brian Hershberg in the Wall Street Journal Brian says it's been an adventure, kept him social, and, most important as I look at it, "a way to stay engaged with the world in an era of distraction.” We hear a lot about mindfulness now. Brian is … [Read More...]

Big Ben — history, workings, architecture

Hi Dull Men [exclamation mark removed] Thought you might be interested in our talks on the history, workings and architecture of the Elizabeth Tower.  (I’m sure all dull men know that Big Ben is the bell) They are taking place on the last Thursday of every month until the end of May at 10.30, … [Read More...]

Oatmeal Month

 Oatmeal Month National Oatmeal Month (USA) January is National Oatmeal Month. January is the month when the most oatmeal is bought. The Quaker Oats Company reports that: •  More oatmeal is eaten in January than in any other month of the year •  Most people add milk, sugar, fruit, or … [Read More...]

New Year’s Resolutions — do dull men need to make any?

Aren't we OK the way we are? Can we ignore posters like this?   … [Read More...]

Christmas Crackers — squirreling away soon for next year

It's almost time to squirrel away our Christmas Crackers for another year. Before we close the box, do you have any you'd like to put in it? If you do, please email to contactus@dullmensclub.com. Where to you go to weigh a whale? To a whale weigh station From  Steve Morton What's brown … [Read More...]

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