Homemade Bread Day 2

November 17 was Homemade Bread Day — we watched bread rise

Homemade Bread Day  — November 17 [same day every year] Home bakers of the world, rise up and bake some bread. Today is Homemade Bread Day.  Bread has been made for thousands of years. Estimates date its origin back to 5000-10,000 B.C. Modern day lifestyles has relegated homemade bread to the … [Read More...]

Cal blurg to Amazon

Available on Amazon in USA now: “Dull Men of Great Britain—2015 Calendar”

Amazon has it now in the USA, click on the excerpt shown above or click here to get to their page for it. It's turning out to be a best seller in the UK. We think many in the USA will want it as well, perhaps for a man you tease about being dull, or for a man who's too frisky, you'd like to show … [Read More...]

B needle in haystack

Breaking news from Paris art gallery: “Looking for Needle in Haystack”

Sven Sachsalber looking for needle in haystack Why? "Because I’m taking an everyday expression and enacting it… my art is about ordinary things… look, please I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t like to talk when I’m working," says Sven Sachsalber, a 27 year old artist, photographer, and sculptor … [Read More...]

Sweden National Font

Breaking news from Sweden: National Font

Countries often have national birds, national flowers, nationals anthems — but a national font? Sweden is the first. The font was designed by Stefan Hattenbach. He told the Guardian "Aesthetics are very important in Sweden and we have a long tradition of treat architecture, furniture, and design — … [Read More...]

Nov writing Snoopy 1

Today is “I Love to Write Day”

12th annual "I Love To Write Day" — November 15, 2014. Founded in 2002 by Delaware author John Riddle, "I Love To Write Day" is celebrated now in over 30,000 schools in the United States. Bookstores, libraries, community centers and everyday people also join in the fun. "My goal for "I Love To … [Read More...]

Nov clean oud fridge

Today is “Clean Out Your Fridge Day”

 November 15  . . . [same day every year]   Your fridge is waiting for you ---------- Dull man at work on his fridge ---------- ---------- Looks like she's enjoy it ---------------------------------- Groaner for Clean Out Your Fridge Day Why did the sergeant salute the … [Read More...]

B Rik Mayall bench

Breaking news from London: park bench from Rik Mayall’s “Bottom” sitcom returns to Hammersmith

Reported on BBC News — "Rik Mayall 'Bottom' bench to be unveiled in Hammersmith." The bench, which matches the bench that featured in the opening credits of BBC sitcom "Bottom," will be unveiled — with the inscription "In Memory of The Man, The Myth, The Legend." This is the result of an online … [Read More...]

David Rees

How to sharpen pencils – instructional video

  In our blog post about persistence two days ago, we used a photo of a pencil that symbolizes persistence. The pencil had been sharpened down to being a mere stub. The sharpening was obviously not artfully done:   There is an artful way of sharpening pencils. David Rees in Beacon, New York is … [Read More...]

B Persistence pencil

Persistence — typical trait of dull men

Should we suggest to simply wait? Point out that it's the second mouse that gets the cheese. … [Read More...]

red green phone boxes

Watch paint dry: red phone boxes repainted green

Good news for dull men: new opportunities for watching paint dry are taking place in the UK. With mobile phones reducing the need for the red phone boxes as well as the need for recharging the mobile phones, some of the red phone boxes are being converted to solar-powered charging stations. These … [Read More...]

FT Rules and Rudeness

Being with boring people can be very soothing

A column by Susie Boyt in this weekend's edition of the Financial Times caught our attention. The column is about the new edition of the Debrett's Handbook, which has been updated for correct forms of address, social correspondence, and manners in the 21st century. A paragraph that especially … [Read More...]


“Moreitis” — Socrates’ way of dealing with it

Now, with the holiday season approaching, we see more and more ads, mostly for extravagant things. How many of these do we really need? Something we heard about Socrates comes to mind. Although Socrates led a frugal life, didn’t even wear shoes, he often went to the bazaar. He'd walk through … [Read More...]

Bham Der 2

Launch Party for Calendar — exclusive photos from Birmingham

Held on top floor of one of Birminham's tallest buildings — stunning views of Birmingham — even a glimpse of a canal: Dull food, at least the dullest the kitchen there has to offer. After all, it's a MarcoPierre White operation.   Der Spiegel reporter Anna-Lena Roth … [Read More...]

Stanfords 11 07 1

German TV filming yesterday at Stanfords

Deutsche Welle TV, Germany's equivalent of BBC World Service and CNN, made an early morning visit to  Stanfords' flagship store in Covent Garden. They filmed us and "Dull Men of Great Britain—2015 Calrndar" along with Stanfords' Managing Director Tony Maher. Tony said they expect our calendar to … [Read More...]

Faith Lift

Yesterday was Aid and Abet Punsters Day

Abet and Aid Punsters Day — November 8 A day to laugh instead of groan over puns: Sign at the entrance of a rehab center: “Keep off the grass.” Did you hear about the guy whose left side had been cut off in a car accident? He’s all right now. I couldn’t remember how to throw a … [Read More...]

National Needlework Archive

National Needlework Archive

Driving home from Newbury the other day I noticed a new and important educational resource close to the town - the National Needlework Archive Michael Wilks Winchester ——— Thanks Michael for telling about this. We see it's just south of Newbury on the A330 Newbury-to-Basingstoke road, in … [Read More...]

Wheeler ext 1

Breaking News from Malvern: Steve Wheeler’s shed extension underway now

Steve Wheeler is adding another 24 feet to his shed. The shed, presently 80 feet long, houses Steve's Milk Bottle Museum, one of the largest milk bottle museums in the world. The extension is made of wood, bloom, sweat, and tears. Steve has learned to hate joist hangers. The shed will allow Steve … [Read More...]

Stanfords logo

“Dull Men of Great Britain—2015 Calendar” at Stanfords in London and Bristol and online

Now available at Stanfords — click here London — world's largest stock of maps and travel books under one roof 12 Long Acre Covent Garden WE2E 9LP 020 7836 1321 Bristol — in the West Country 29 Corn Street BS1 1HT Or buy on Stanfords' online store … [Read More...]

Amazon logo

“Dull Men of Great Britain” calendar now on Amazon

United States: click here United Kingdom: click here Qualifies for free shipping for Amazon Prime … [Read More...]

B Norway debate stacking wood

Issue that’s splitting Norway – bark up or bark down?

Continung westward across Scandinavia — we blogged recently about Finland and Sweden — now we cover a matter that's all the buzz in Norway — an issue that stokes heated debates every autumn when firewood is being chopped for winter.   "Bark Up or Down? Firewood Splits Norwegians" is the headline … [Read More...]

Caravan Show

Caravan Show, UK’s largest – this week in Birmingham

Tuesday - Sunday — 14-19 October, 2014 http://www.motorhomeandcaravanshow.co.uk  Best ever place to pick out your next caravan: the greatest annual gathering of motorhome and caravan manufacturers in the UK. This unique event takes place at the National Exhibition Centre ("NEC") … [Read More...]

Volvo traktor metronome

Volvo traktor — member of band playing “Sweet Georgia Brown”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbN-jO11vKg We blogged the other day about Finns being practical: instructional video on how to open a door. Heading west across the Baltic Sea, we see that Swedes can also be practical. Watch the wonderful performance of "Sweet Georgia Brown" — percussion by Volvo … [Read More...]

B Finnish door opening instructions

“How to open a door” – instructional video from Finland

Reading the news today about the Wife Carrying World Championships in Finland, where they began in 1994 and have continued every year after that, reminded us of how practical Finns are. We dug into our archives to see whether we could find other examples of their practical approaches to … [Read More...]

Oct Pea Throwing

Today: World Pea Throwing Championships – will 44 meter record be broken?

Sunday, October 12, 2014 — in East Sussex — at the Lewes Arms, Castle Ditch Lane, Lewes This event — an event that may be appropriate for you if you find pea shooting to be too exciting. Or, if you've tried pea shooting but are no good at it, you might like to try pea throwing. The event … [Read More...]

Oct Ploughng

Breaking News – after 31 years, Ploughing Championships finally return to Hampshire

64th British National Ploughing Championships — 11-12 October — Saturday-Sunday — Wootton St Lawrence near Basingstoke •  High point of Britain's ploughing season. •  "Grand Prix" of ploughing — fierce competition — not only for the British National Titles — but also for the supreme honour of … [Read More...]

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