Lightening Map

Lightning Map – Safe Excitement

There’s more Safe Excitement for us dull men to enjoy than only watching paint dry. Now, thanks to LignteningMap.org, we can safely watch lightening — in real time — from the comfort of being safely inside with out computers. Sometimes, to liven it up, we watch this map and then do like we do … [Read More...]

Turlock watching grass grow

Turlock, California – where watching the grass grow is headline news

You can read this breaking news in "Around Turlock" by Brandon McMillan in Turlock City News You might also like to read about Turlock's Watering Schedule — it's fascinating reading: turlockcitynews.com/life-social/item/1864-turlockers-asked-to-follow-watering-schedule. Thanks to Robert … [Read More...]

Keep Calm etc Ogallala

“Keep Calm and Carry On” continues to go viral . . . has now reached Ogallala, Nebraska, with a margarita

What do we dull men think? We like to keep calm and carry on. It's what we do. Or at least try to do. Do we need, or even want, a margarita to do this? Probably not. We'd rather carry on instead of wobble on. … [Read More...]

Zeben and Wells

Breaking News: 5-year-old’s snail wins today’s World Championship Snail Race

19 July 2014 The 2014 championships were held today on cricket field at Congham in Norfolk. The winning snail was “Wells” owned and trained by Zeben Butler-Alldred from London.  Zeben is five years old. Wells completed the course in 3 minutes 19 seconds, a slow time because of the … [Read More...]

Zeben and Wells

Breaking News: 5-year-old’s snail wins today’s World Championship Snail Race

19 July 2014 The 2014 championships were held today on cricket field at Congham in Norfolk. The winning snail was “Wells” owned and trained by Zeben Butler-Alldred from London.  Zeben is five years old. Wells completed the course in 3 minutes 19 seconds, a slow time because of the … [Read More...]


“Beans: A History” – likely to be a gripping read, at least for us dull men

Would someone like to review this new book for us? We'll reward you with a gift of your choice from our Dull Men's Shop. You can email your review to us at contactus@dullmensclub.com. Paige Turner Book Review Editor Dull Men's Club … [Read More...]

Shed 2014 cover

Breaking News: “Shed of the Year” finalists announced

Finalists announced for 2014's Shed of the Year: out of over 2,000 entrants, 24 finalists were chosen — four from each of the eight shed categories: 1.  Pub Sheds 2.  Eco Sheds 3.  Garden Office Sheds 4.  Cabin/Summerhouse Sheds 5.  Unique Sheds 6.  Normal Sheds 7.  Workshop/Studio Sheds 8. … [Read More...]

B Berlin socceer sofas

“Couch Kartoffeln” [couch potatoes] – in Berlin stadium watching football from their sofas

From the comfort of their sofas in a large football station, 12,000 football fans in Berlin are watching the World Cup. They brought their own sofas, 3,000 of them, with them to the stadium. German ingenuity indeed. More about this — and more photos: • … [Read More...]

Big day tomorrow – sliced bread’s 87th birthday

July 7, 1928 — first package of sliced read sold The first bakery to use the new bread-slicing mating invented by Otto Rohwedder was the Chillicothe Baking Copany in Chillicothe, Missouri. The first sale was on July 7. 1928. The sales slogan was "The greatest forward step in the baking … [Read More...]

Yorkshire’s ready for Tour de France – as its street art demonstrates

In The Guardian: Yorkshire prepares for the Tour de France - in pictures With just a few days to go until the Tour de France passes through Yorkshire, residents show their appreciation for la Grande … [Read More...]

“Battle of the Period [full stop in UK]” breaks out concerning Declaration of Independence

We dull men like to proofread. We get exited — safe excitement — when we spot a typo and other errors.at "A Period Is Questioned in the Declaration of Independence" by Jennifer Schuessler in today's International New York Times was fascinating for us to read. Look at in the letters and … [Read More...]

Declaration of Independence – new info about Franklin’s role

Fitting for today, July 4 Independence Day, is a drawing "Cell phone privacy" by Jack Ohman in The Sacramento Bee that shows how prescient Ben Franklin was:   Franklin is one of our heroes. As explained in an article "9 Successful Characteristics Embodied by Ben Franklin" by Alli Page … [Read More...]

Street Art in York and Leeds — gearing up for Tour de France

Homeowners, pubs, merchants, and office buildings are into the biking spirit. Street art is popping up all across Yorkshire.     … [Read More...]

Banksy Cheltenham

Breaking News from Cheltenham – Banksy Street art saved, at least temporarily

A stay of execution has been granted to campaigners fighting to save Cheltenham’s Banksy mural. The artwork — "Spy Booth" depicting men snooping on a telephone box on Hewlett Road — has attracted hordes of visitors since it appeared on 13 April. Wednesday last week a scaffolding company erected … [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 9.58.21 AM

“Dull Down” – - Yorkshire’s warning to Tour de France cyclists

“Wear muted colors — we don't want you to scare our sheep,” Tour de France cyclists are told by authorities This year's Tour de France begins in Leeds, Yorkshire's largest city   Day 1 Leeds to Harrogate — Day 2: York to Sheffield "When in Rome, do as the Romans do — When in … [Read More...]

B HK hereitage list buns

Breaking news from Hong Kong: egg tarts added to cultural heritage list

  Also added: pineapple buns, milk tea, umbrella making, and lantern making. Truly “Celebrating the Ordinary.” Read more about this news in the South China Morning Post's article "The 480 things that represent Hong Kong's culture: list unveiled after seven years' work." … [Read More...]

June World Sauntering Day stick figures

Today is World Sauntering Day

June 19 — same date every year   Sauntering: walking along slowly, aimlessly, happily Cats saunder too World Sauntering Day began in 1979 at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan, the hotel with the world's longest porch — 660 feet long. W.T. Rabe started the day … [Read More...]

B British Guiana stamp

Stamp collecting is dull? Not always, stamp sets world record price of $9.5 million

"Rare British Guiana stamp sets record at New York auction"price in BBC News US & Canada reports record price of $9.5 million [£5.6 million] at an action at Sotheby’s in New York. The stamp was a rare 1856 one cent stamp from a British colony in South America. The auction lasted only two … [Read More...]

B Turlock Starbucks

Breaking News from Turlock, California: laptop left on table at Starbucks for several minutes still there when owner returns

As reported in Turlock City News, a man having coffee at a Starbucks walked away from his table without asking anyone to watch his things — laptop and other possessions. When he returned to the table a few minutes later, everything was still there. The article concludes, "Turlock still has, in … [Read More...]

B washing chicken

Breaking News on BBC: washing chicken is dangerous

Astonishing results of a survey of 4,500 UK adults by the country's Food Standard Agency: 44% of them wash chicken before cooking it. Washing chicken is dangerous. The splashing water spreads campylobacter bacteria to work surfaces, cooking equipment, and clothing. Campylobacter, the most … [Read More...]

B two more non candidate for DMC

Two more noncandidates for DMC membership

[Read More...]

B not elgible man under truck

Clearly not eligible for DMC membership

Dull men never do dumb stuff like this … [Read More...]

Stone-skimming championships

Breaking News from Switzerland: to shake off “most boring” label resort resorts to stone-skimming

"Swiss resort sets up stone-skimming contest to shake off 'most boring' label: Village of Ermatingen establishes competition after residents take offence at being labelled Switzerland's most dull resort" is the headline in The Guardian. A local hotelier, Andy Hostettler, came up with the idea of … [Read More...]

June Open Garden Squares

Open Garden Squares Weekend – 14 & 15 June – but what’s the square truth about these squares?

London's Open Garden Squares Weekend This is the one weekend each year you can go inside these private gardens that usually are under lock and key. Only privileged residents residing near the parks have the keys. Over 200 squares will be open to the public. It's a great time to go inside and … [Read More...]

B Elk in Helsinki

Breaking News from Finland: elk romps thru central Helsinki during rush hour

"Finland: Elk romps through central Helsinki rush hour" reported in BBC News Also reported in the Daily Mail: "Two moose on the loose." ["Elk" in Finland are what are called "moose" in England and America.] "It just shows what a small rural town Helsinki is," one local woman tells Helsingin … [Read More...]

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