B Australia racing close up

Breaking News from Australia: world’s first motorised cooler championships

Held yesterday in Port Douglas was what its organisers called “a quintessentially Australian event” — racing strophe coolers with wheels and motors attached at speeds up to 12 miles per hour. Competitors came from all around the world. Reported, with a video, in "World motorised cooler … [Read More...]

morse code

Today, in 1844, the first telegraph message was sent

May 24, 1844 Samuel F.B. Morse sent the first telegraph message from the Capitol in Washington to Baltimore on May 24, 1844. The words sent were "What hath God wrought?" Here are websites where you can enjoy the excitement of listening to Morse … [Read More...]

world turtle day

Today is World Turtle Day

May 23 — same day every year — 2015 is the event's 15th year American Tortoise Rescue The American Tortoise Rescue (ATR), the event's sponsors, says on its website sortoise.com the day was created to celebrate the world's oldest creatures. Turtles and tortoises have existed for 200,000,000 … [Read More...]

b help desk middele ages

Learning curve and Help Desk from Middle Ages

Learning curves and help desks are nothing new; they have been around for ages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQHX-SjgQvQ … [Read More...]

B Shed 20-15 1

Shed of the Year 2015 — finanlists

'Shed Of The Year 2015: Finalists Revealed' in Yahoo News UK and Ireland   … [Read More...]

B still a dull boy

“Still a dull boy”

[Read More...]

FB lie down

Dogs are helpful in so many ways

[Read More...]

B BBC old technology

Finding comfort in old technology

"People who still use old gadgets" in BBC News Dear DMC I'm a big fan of old technology and other non-tech things such as my Filofax organiser. Steve Morton Missé, France Thanks Steve. We should point out to readers that you and your old technology, your Filofax organiser, is in our … [Read More...]

B Churcill making metric speech

Churchill’s speeches – if metricated?

We hear parts from Churchill's speeches in the radio and TV reporting of VE Day remembrance celebrations. It's good the speeches were made 70 years ago. If made now, their richness would be lost. Should we, as dull men, like the speeches in metric better than the originals? Not really. When … [Read More...]

May Nat Coconut Cream Pie Day

Today is National Coconut Cream Pie Day

  Dear DMC, Good News: In all the excitement of the election, it has probably passed you by that today is National Coconut Cream Pie Day. Michael Wilks Winchester, Hampshire ~~~ Thanks Michael. You're right, it escaped our attention until now. Thanks for pointing it out to us. We're … [Read More...]


Architecture of Railings – new Facebook Group

We're posting this on the new group for railings. This is an example place that's too high up, too scary, for us dull men. There may be, however, other members of the group that like to go to places like  this. URL for the group: facebook.com/groups/1427565224215808/ Here's something we posted … [Read More...]

B vote for nat bird 1

The ‘other election’ in UK yesterday, also hotly contested — national bird

Yesterday’s election for UK’s political leaders was not the only important election yesterday in the UK. There also was a hotly-contested election of a national bird. UK's bird lovers initially came up with a list of 60 birds. This was narrowed down to a short list of ten. We’re now anxiously … [Read More...]


Interview from Washington DC

There are many dull men in Washington DC. Could this be one of them? Perhaps as dull men tend to be honest, which he seems to be the case here. This wonderful cartoon is by Christopher Weyant and is in The New Yorker … [Read More...]

B microwave and astronomers

Headline news in Australia: source finally discovered for strange radio signals baffling astronomers for 17 years

Astronomers at the Parkes Observatory in New South Wales, Australia, had been noticing strange signals coming through the radio telescope since 1998. The signals were identified as perytons. They were observed several times each year. Lightning was thought to be a possible cause. Eventually they … [Read More...]

B slow tv glass jug

Slow TV coming to UK

Dear DMC We watched the glass-blowing last night. It was like a Nordic drama with a jug instead of a perplexing murder. Best wishes Steve ~~~ Slow TV has been popular in Norway in recent years, for example nine hours of knitting: We are pleased that BBC is bringing it to the UK. The … [Read More...]

B rocking chair fine

Justice in Canada: fine cancelled for 91 year old lady making too much noise in rocking chair

Read more ere: "Quebec senior, 91, can relax again after $148 rocking chair fine cancelled" … [Read More...]

May compost week sign

Today is the start of International Compost Week

May 3-9, 2015 International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) is a week of activities, events, and publicity to improve awareness about using organic waste as a resource to produce compost. In the U.K., Master Composters will be out and about answering composting questions and encouraging those … [Read More...]

B high wire wedding

High-Wire Wedding – groom obviously not one of us

Read about it here: 'High-wire wedding: UK couple marry suspended 25 metres off the ground' in The Independent. … [Read More...]

May keep calm and roll cheese

Coming up: Bank Holiday Monday – Stilton Cheese Rolling

May 4, 2015 — Stilton, Cambridgeshire Cheese rolling is an annual event in Stilton. Hundreds of villagers and visitors line the racecourse that begins at The Bell Inn and ends at the bottom of Fen Street and Church Street. Contestants group together in teams of four. Click here to view the … [Read More...]

B royal baby watchers

‘It’s a girl’ – dullards camping outside hospital to hear this

A dull thing to be doing, camping out at the hospital for over a week? Dull indeed, although probably more exciting than watching paint dry. We'll add it to our list of Safe Excitement. … [Read More...]

PB Baruch on bench

“The Park Bench Statesman” – posting for 2 appreciation societies: PLAQUES and PARK BENCHES

There’s a memorial park bench in Washington DC for “The Park Bench Statesman’, financier Bernard Baruch, long-time friend of Winston Churchill and Presidential Advisor to Franklin Roosevelt. It's in Lafayette Park in front of the White House. Advising on financial and government matters on … [Read More...]

B Apple Watch on tatooed wrist

Breaking tech news: Apple Watches malfunction on tattooed wrists

Not many, if any, of us dull men have tattoos, which is good news if we get an Apple Watch. The latest news is that there problems with Apple Watches on tattooed wrists. Apparently the ink causes the phone's sensors to ask for security codes, misread heart rates, interfere with many of the phone’s … [Read More...]

B wrist

My first day without an Apple Watch

  As I had not ordered one, the day Apple Watches arrived, April 24, was a pleasant day for me. This apparently was not the case for those who received their Apple Watches. They have been commenting about their first day: •  "Wow, what a steep learning curve." •  "I found myself incredibly … [Read More...]

B sprinklers malfuntion in park

More breaking news from California: water sprinklers malfunction in Sacramento

Dear DMC, And even more exciting development in Sacramento . . . sprinkler related: "Sprinklers At Park in Elk Grove Run After Rain Rolls Throuth" Robert Plank Turlock, California The park superintendent clears thing up: "It's hard to pinpoint exactly what happened because our system is so … [Read More...]


April 29 was 102nd anniversary of zippers

April 29, 1913: Zipper Patented  zipper's teeth making their way through slider — fascinating indeed The Original Zipper Click on these URLs for information about the zipper and its … [Read More...]

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