This is “International Compost Awareness Week”

International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) is a week of activities, events, and publicity to improve awareness about using organic waste as a resource to produce compost. Master Composters will be out and about answering composting questions and encouraging those who don’t already compost at … [Read More...]

Today: 90th annual Stilton Cheese Rolling

 May 2, 2016 — Stilton, Cambridgeshire Cheese rolling is an annual event in Stilton since 1926. Hundreds of villagers and visitors line the racecourse that begins at The Bell Inn and ends at the bottom of Fen Street and Church Street. Contestants group together in teams of four. Click here to … [Read More...]

Starting Sunday May 1 – available in US: “Dull Men of Great Britain: Celebrating the Ordinary” –

May 1, 2016 It’s riveting to see how passionate 40 men are about things others often regard as mundane, everyday, ordinary, dull — a drainspotter, a lawn diarist, the founder of the Apostrophe Protection Society, three Guinness World Record holders (records for growing giant vegetables, collecting … [Read More...]

Starting today Sunday May 1 – available in US: “Dull Men of Great Britain: Celebrating the Ordinary” –

May 1, 2016 Will be available from Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and other booksellers. Amazon: www.amazon.com/Dull-Men-Great-Britain-Celebrating/dp/1785030906/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1445746200&sr=1-1 Barnes & … [Read More...]

Today – April 25 – is “Hug a Plumber Day”

April 25 — [same date every year] Most of us take plumbing for granted. It works so well we never think about it. That's no accident. It's a testament to America’s hardworking, highly-skilled plumbers. Plumbing requires training and experience. And hard work: on hands and knees in filthy crawl … [Read More...]

Today — April 25 — is “World Penguin Day”

April 25 — [same date every year] •  Official website: http://worldpenguinday.com •  "Nothing But Penguins" — "Penguins uber allies": http://www.nothingbutpenguins.com •  Click here for more information about World Penguin Day •  More info about celebrating … [Read More...]

Coming up: Rubber Eraser Day, April 15

April 15, 1770 — Joseph Priestley recorded his discovery of an item made from rubber imported from Brazil that would erase — “rub out” — pencil marks. Priestly wrote, “I have seen a substance excellently adapted to the purpose of wiping from paper the mark of black led pencil.” Priestly called his … [Read More...]

More legendary April Fool’s jokes

•  Swiss Spaghetti Harvest April 1, 1957:  BBC broadcasted a report on its current affairs program, Panorama, about a family in southern Switzerland harvesting spaghetti from spaghetti trees. This was when Italian dishes were not widely available in the U.K. Not all Brits knew spaghetti is a … [Read More...]

Norman Cousins — best ever practical joke

The nurse brought a lunch tray to Norman Cousins (1959-1990) who was in a hospital "laughing his way to wellness."  The nurse also brought Mr. Cousins a cup for a urine specimen, saying that when convenient he should put a specimen in the cup, that she'd pick it up when she came back to pick up the … [Read More...]

Scientists are Cornell have developed levelheaded humans that are now being placed in communities

Here's the latest news about this noble undertaking: Scientists Slowly Reintroducing Small Group Of Normal, Well-Adjusted Humans Into Society … [Read More...]

Sunday 27 March: clocks changing to Daylight Saving Time in Europe

Many of our members stay up until 2:00 a.m. to change their clocks at exactly the right time Areas not using Daylight Saving Time (DST): Not all areas of the U.S. are covered. Most of Arizona does not use it. Here’s an article about … [Read More...]

Breaking news from England: Shakespeare’s head gone from grave

Someone has stolen William Shakespeare’s head. This is the report from the first-ever archaeological investigation of William’s grave at Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-Upon-Avon. "It’s very very convincing to me that his skull isn’t at Holy Trinity at all,” says Kevin Colis who led he … [Read More...]

World Water Day — March 22

World Water Day, sponsored by the United Nations, is held annually on 22 March to focus everyone's attention on the importance of freshwater and to promote good management of freshwater resources. It's an opportunity for each of us to learn more about water related issues, to spread the word, and to … [Read More...]

Breaking News from Scotland: Ben Nevis gains a metre in height

Ordnance Survey maps now show the height of Ben Nevis, Great Britain’s tallest mountain, to be 1,345 meters instead of 1,344 meters. The official measuring point on Ben Nevis is one of the UK's 6,500 triangulation pillars — "trig pillars." The pillar, which had fallen into disrepair, was … [Read More...]

Tortoise and Hare

    … [Read More...]

Fill Staplers Day in USA and Canada

Fill Staplers Day — March 14 in U.S.A. and Canada — it's the Monday after the Sunday when clocks change The Dull Men’s Club has established two Fill Your Staplers Days each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Have you ever been annoyed when your stapler runs out of staples, which … [Read More...]

“Spring Ahead” at 2:00 a.m. Sunday March 13 in USA and Canada

March 13, 2016Many of our members stay up until 2:00 a.m.  to change their clocks at exactly the right time   Areas not using Daylight Saving Time (DST): *  Not all areas of the U.S. are covered. Most of Arizona does not use it. Here’s an article about … [Read More...]

Inventor of email, Ray Tomlinson, passes away

Internet pioneer Ray Tomlinson, regarded as the inventor of email in 1971, has died. He was 74. The use of the iconic "@" sign in email addresses is credited to him. BBC News: "BBC News: "Ray Tomlinson's email is flawed, but never bettered" Dear DMC: Sad to see that Mr Tomlinson is "in … [Read More...]

Exclamation marks: instructions for young people — a lively debate

Cripes! No exclamation allowed! in The Sunday Times … [Read More...]

Japan’s fancy manhole covers: collectors’ cards

the cards will •  The cards show pictures of Japan’s fancy drain covers •  The covers attract "drainspotters" from around the world •  The cards explain the designs, which usually are symbols specific to the local area or a local mascot. •  To aid drainspoters, the cards show the exact … [Read More...]

“Flying Scotsman,” built in 1923, running again after £4 million restoration

[Read More...]

Happy Leap Day

What to do? How about going around town looking for shops with signs "Open 365 days of the year" — ask them why they're open today? … [Read More...]

Starts today: “Oscars” of Water Tasting — Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

26th Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting — February 25-28, 2016  Historic Berkeley Springs, "America's First Spa," hosts the largest water tasting competition in the world. Over 100 waters from around the world will be there. Official … [Read More...]

Customers livid that now only straight croissants at Tesco

"Some people are absolutely LIVID that Tesco are only going to sell straight croissants" … [Read More...]

Breaking news from England: Tesco now selling only straight croissants

Tesco bows to demand and will soon only sell straight croissants Good news for dull men. Less exciting than bendy ones. Steve Margate, Kent   … [Read More...]

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