Fill Staplers Day — Europe

Fill Your Staplers Day: March 27 in Europe (two weeks earlier in America) The Dull Men’s Club established two Fill Your Staplers Days that take place every year: (1) the day after clocks change to daylight saving time in March and (2) the day after clocks change from daylight saving time in … [Read More...]

“Do you stock neutral colors?”

Shopkeeper in men's shop is asked: “Do you stock neutral colors?" Answer: "Not at the moment — but we have gray taupes for the future” Thanks to Steve Reszetniak for this March 26, 2017 … [Read More...]

2:00 a.m. Sunday 26 March — clocks change to daylight saving time — Europe

March 26, 2017 — rarely do dull men stay up so late You don't like the task of changing your clocks? It could be worse: Daylight “Saving” or “Savings” Time? The above is an excerpt from: http://www.webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/b.html Dream … [Read More...]

Today — Marmalade Festival — March 18 and 19

March 18 and 19, 2017  —  13th annual World's Original Marmalade Festival — Dalmain Mansion & Gardens, Cumbria Over 2,000 jars of marmalade, a significant increase from the 50 jars in 2oo5, the first year of the festival. Entries come from all over the world. Winners will be available for … [Read More...]

Reading Amazon Kindle’s terms and conditions: 73,198 words, 8 hours 59 minutes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QZml7sPbVU   78,198 words — more than Brave New World (63,766 words), The Sun Also Rises (67,707 words), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (69,966 words). We enjoy watching this video. It's fascinating. We only wish it were longer. Dull men like to read … [Read More...]

Pi Day — March 14

Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, approximately 3.14 to 1. Pi Day is 3/14 every year. Pi is symbolized by π, the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. The digits for pi never end; and they never repeat in any pattern: Contests are held to see who can … [Read More...]

Today is Fill Staplers Day in US and Canada

Fill Staplers Day: March 13 in US and Canada (March 27 in Europe) The Dull Men’s Club established two Fill Staplers Days taking place every year: (1) the day after clocks change to daylight saving time in March and (2) the day after clocks change from daylight saving time in … [Read More...]

March 13 — anniversary of patent for ear muffs

March 13, 1887 — Ear Muffs Patented by Chester Greenwood Patent 188,292 was issued by the U.S. Patent Office to Chester Greenwood on March 13, 1877. Click here to read more about this important advance in convenience and comfort when confronting cold weather. … [Read More...]

Check Batteries Day — USA and Canada

Sunday — March 12, 2017 A day designated for checking batteries in all electronic devices throughout our houses. It's listed in Chase's Calendar of Events as taking place the same day clocks change to Daylight Saving Time: Smoke detectors are especially important to check: … [Read More...]

2:00 a.m. Sunday morning March 12 — change to daylight saving time — USA and Canada

March 12, 2017 — rarely do dull men stay up this late Areas not using Daylight Saving Time (DST): *  Not all areas of the U.S. are covered. Most of Arizona does not use it. Here’s an article about this: http://www.timeanddate.com/time/us/arizona-no-dst.html *  Other areas that … [Read More...]

Apostrophizing skills lacking at Hampton Inn?

Sign by luggage carts at Hampton Inn Fort Collins Colorado. How would you grade the signmaker's apostrophizing talent?     … [Read More...]


[Read More...]

Spring is just around the corner?

Wonderful day today in Washington DC. 70 F (21 C). Spring is just around the corner? That's what its looks like:   … [Read More...]

Dulled-down Valentine’s Day card

Too much red in the cards you see for Valentine's Day? How about sending one we designed — in gray? … [Read More...]

Breaking news in Daily Mail — boring lunches — ham sandwich every day for 20 years

"One in six workers admit eating the same thing every day for two years" — Daily Mail A study of 2,000 people revealed that 81% were bored by their lunch choices. The study was conducted by New Covent Garden Soup. More than 75% had not varied their lunch for nine months. One had stayed loyal to … [Read More...]

Postboxes of Lancaster

An amazing 6.5 minute film posted by the Postbox Collection https://www.facebook.com/postboxcollection/videos/1620286194945381/?autoplay_reason=gatekeeper&video_container_type=0&video_creator_product_type=2&app_id=2392950137&live_video_guests=0 … [Read More...]

FT Magazine: Mark Leigh, lost glove photographer

This weekend's FT Magazine, page 8 — great article by Hattie Garlick about DMC member Mark Leigh and his unique hobby of photographing lost gloves. Mark has a stunning collection of photographs he's taken of 200 lost gloves. 'No glove is too boring', Mark says. 'I will take a photo of it … [Read More...]

Ketchup — fierce debate sparked — cupboard or fridge ?

Where do you store your ketchup? You might think there are more important issues nowadays, but the Great Ketchup Debate has reared its head again. Asda is conducing a poll of shoppers’ views on where they store their ketchup. The poll at the time news articles were written indicates 53% for … [Read More...]

Orangutans — now have their own dating app

Orangutans, using a touch screen, can now indicate their preference for a  prospective mate at a Dutch zoo. "Animals have to like each other,” says biologist Thomas Bionda. “Having apes check out images on a screen will help determine the compatibility of a prospective couple. Read more: … [Read More...]

Today is “Setsubun”- Bean throwing festivals throughout Japan

February 3 http://www.topics-mag.com/internatl/holidays/japan/setsubun-bean-throwing.htm \ … [Read More...]

Dull Man in training?

  Sandi knows a thing or two about dulldom. She's author of The Upside of Downtime: Why Boredom Is Good: Available on Amazon UK and Amazon USA … [Read More...]

pop . . . pop . . . pop . . . today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Origin of Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day The last Monday of January was designated Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day after Spirit 95 Radio, a radio station in Bloomington, Indiana, received a package of microphones wrapped in bubble wrap. Sounds of bubble wrap popping as the package was being unwrapped … [Read More...]

Underway now — 2017 Big Garden Birdwatch — “It’s for the birds?”

28-30 January 2017 — 38th annual Big Garden   Birdwatch — (last weekend of January every year)  Count the birds in your garden as part of the world's biggest survey of birds. More than 519,000 people participated last year. They counted 8,262,662 birds.  Information: The Royal Society for … [Read More...]

Signing White House guest book

Although we don’t get out much, when we dull men travel, if we’re staying at a B&B, we like to read their guest book. … [Read More...]

100 potholes — most potholed roundabout in Britain?

"Is this Britain's most potholed roundabout? Motorists are being driven round the bend by junction with over 100 craters"  Daily Mail It’s in Barton-under-Needwood, Staffordshire. The county council says the roundabout won't be resurfaced until summer. “Even if it were resurfaced now we would … [Read More...]

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