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The Dull Men’s Club is a place where dull men share thoughts and experiences, free from gliz and glam, free from pressures to be in and trendy — free instead to enjoy simple, ordinary things.

The DMC began in New York when Grover Click was sitting with friends at the Long Bar at the New York Athletic Club reading about the clubs-within-the-club — clubs for squash, sailing, skiing, judo — in the club’s monthly magazine, The Winged Foot.

“We don’t do any of those things,” one of them said. “That’s right, we are rather dull, wouldn’t you say?,” said another. “Let’s start a club-within-the-club for dull men,” said Grover.

The DMC was born. It met every week. It had a monthly column in The Winged Foot. Membership grew. The initial group capped membership at 17. That was the number of chairs in the meeting room.

The waiting list for membership grew rapidly. Additional groups began in the U.S. and around the world. Eventually this website was launched.

There is an International Committee of Dull Men now. It members, who also are editors of the website, are: Rowan de Boutte (editor of Roundabouting), Grover Click (editor at large), Calvin Endar (editor of Calendar), Cole Lecter and Major Fayntley-Grey (editors of Collections & Museums), E.Z. Pace (editor of Racing), Carol Sells (Airport Luggage Carousels),  Paige Turner (editor of Book Reviews), Edward Vent (another editor of Calendar).

Each committee member is also an assistant vice president of the DMC. AVP is our highest office.

The committee meets In London and Washington DC.

The best way to reach us is by email to groverclick@mac.com.

Mission Statement

“It’s OK to be dull”

Our Greatest Accomplishment

Remaining dull in spite of the ever-increasing pressures
from advertising, the media, and elsewhere to change

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