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Tabulation: 376 airports have reported in . . . 44.8% are counterclockwise, 29% clockwise, 7.5% go both ways, 3.2% other, 15.5% have no carousels

"Why I Like to Travel"

by Grover Click

Some men travel because they want to see new sights. Some men travel because they want to brag about where they've been when they return home. Some men travel to get away from home.   I travel because I like to watch the luggage carousels. I like to watch the carousels go around and around carrying all the bags. And once I know my bag has arrived, I know that I have arrived.  

The excitement I feel the moment I spot my bag is overwhelming. I never tire of it. I like other things about traveling -- queuing for the check in counter, going through security (I beam with pride when they see my neat packing), and eating those airline meals. But the trill of watching luggage carousels tops them all.




Tirana [   ] — now has a carousel, and it goes counterclockwise [Thank you Tony Restall for this 9/1/2004 update]  




Benguela [   ] — none, local children offer to carry your bag

Soyo [   ] — none



Buenos Aires [EZE]  — counterclockwise [Thank you Abel C. Rochwarger for this report]


V.C. Bird Airport [   ] — counterclockwise [thanks to Nicolas Willmott for this report]



Yerevan [   ] — clockwise [thanks to Stephanie Martin for this report]



Adelaide (Domestic Terminal, Ansett wing) [ADL] — both clockwise and counterclockwise

Brisbane [BNE] — both clockwise and counterclockwise

Broken Hill [   ] — none [Thank you Dennis Kolberg for this report]

Burmie [   ] — none, a truck and trailer take the luggage to the front of the airport, a tri of about 10 metres
[thanks to Kym for this report]

Cairns [   ]— counterclockwise [thanks to Alastair Gregory for this report]

Canberra (Domestic) [CBR] — counterclockwise, except it doesn't go around but instead goes in a squiggly worm shape pattern

Carnovon [   ] — none, a tractor tows a luggage cart from the aircraft to the front of the terminal

Darwin [   ] — clockwise [Thank Ian Loftus for this report]

Gladstone [   ] — clockwise [Thank you Robert Parrish for this report]

Hobart [HBT] — clockwise [Thank you Jimil Baba for this report]

Karratha [   ] — clockwise

Launceston [   ] — none, a little tractor tows a trolly with the bags [Thank you Frank Hayes for this report]

Learmonth [   ] — none

Melbourne [   ] — clockwise [Thank you Fraser Redmon for this report]

Mildura [   ] — none [Thank you Peter Nunan for this report]

Newman [   ] — none [Thank you Ben Kolberg for this report]

Perth [PER] — counterclockwise

Sydney [SYD] — counterclockwise [thanks to popinjay for this report]

Toowoomba [   ] — none, they take the luggage from the plane, place it on a cart, push the cart to the terminal which is about 20 meters away [thank you Geoff Jarvis for this report]

Townsville [   ] — At least No. 2 does. No. 1 wasn't moving so I cannot be sure that there is conformity. I did not have time to stay and watch as there are so many really duill things to do in Townsille [thanks to Ian Mac for this report]




Graz [   ] — both clockwise and counter Clockwise [Thank you Oliver van Best for this report]

Salzburg [   ] — clockwise [thanks to Steve Reszetniak for this report]Vienna [VIE] — clockwise





Counterclockwise. That's when they don't just toss your fragil sports equipment on the ground from a distance. [Thank you Alex Ford for this report]





Brussels (International) [BRU] — clockwise

Brussels (Domestic) [BRU] — none, there is no Brussels Domestic Terminal [thank you Andrew Joseph and Robert van Apeldoorn for reporting this to us]Charleroi [CRL] — clockwise




BERMUDA [   ] clockwise [Thank you John Asbacker for this report]





Para [   ] — none [Ian Harris]





Sarajevo [   ] — counterclockwise. Two carousels, one for first/business, one for economy. The first/business carousel has a curve with a radius so tight that the bags fall off. [Thanks to Chazza for this]





Maun [MUB] — none, carried by hand to the terminal [thanks to Bo. A. Johnson for this report and the next two from Botswana]

Nxamaseri [   ] — none


Xudum [   ] — none




Sophia [SOF]— counterclockwise [Thank you "bob" for this report]




Calgary, Alberta [   ] — clockwise [thank you Paddy Glenny for this report]

Grand Prairie, Alberta [   ] v one oblong carousel that runs counterclockwise along south wall of building  [thanks to J. Taylor for this report]


Lethbridge, Alberta [   ]— no carousels, a conveyor belt delivers bags to the floor at the far end of the terminal


Kelowna, British Columbia [   ] — No carousels. A conveyor belt with many twists and turns. Better to send someone to collect your bags as it is too exciting to stand there waiting to see whether or not the bags will fall off the conveyor belt. [thank you David Bailie]


Vancouver, British Columbia [   ] — counterclockwise [thank you Andy Fielding]  


Victoria, British Columbia [   ] v counterclockwise [thank you Dave G]


Winnipeg, Manitoba [   ]— counterclockwise [Thank you James Dykstra, who avoids the airport if possible. With a big screen TV often on a sports channel, and a children's play structure, it almost makes the airport interesting.]


Saint John, New Brunswick [ ] — clockwise, a T-shaped conveyor belt [Thank you Matt Seely for this report]


Halifax, Nova Scotia [   ] — counterclockwise [thank you Derek Squire for this report]


Elliot Lake, Ontario [   ] — no carousel [thank you E. Power]


Gore Bay, Ontario [   ] — no carousel [thank you E. Power]


Kingston, Ontario [   ] none [thank you John Paterson]


Toronto, Ontario [   ] — counterclockwise [thank you John Paterson]


Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island [   ] counterclockwise [thank you Derek Squire for this report]


Montreal, Quebec [   ] — clockwise [thank you Pascal P for this report]


Prince Albert, Saskatchewan [   ] — none [thank you Nicholas Crosby]

Regina, Saskatchewan [   ] — clockwise. This is a dull airport. Some displays on air travel rules. A gift shop with newspapers in it. It's quite safe for the dull traveller. Indeed, Regina seems to be an ideal town for the dull man. [thank you Steve Adam]




Grozny [   ] — out of order





Beijing [   ] — counterclockwise, eight carousels, each one has a baggage attendant [thank you Leigh Byrne]

Hefei [   ] — clockwise [thanks to Richard Rejmer]





Zagreb [   ] — counterclockwise [thanks to Steve Reszetniak]




Prague [PRG] — counterclockwise



Havana [   ] -- counterclockwise [thank you Colin Hewitt for this report]

Holguin City [   ] — clockwise

Santiago di Cuba [   ] — none

[Thank you Brian H. Moore for the above two reports]

Veradero [   ] — clockwise [thank you Derek Squire for this report]




Aarhus [   ] — clockwise [thank you Drew Peacocke]

Copenhagen [   ] — counterclockwise [thank you Bo Johnsson]


Faroe Islands (Vagar) [   ] — counterclockwise





Quito's Marisal Sucre Airport [UIO]— counterclockwise [thank you Daniel Gonzalez]




Cairo [   ]— clockwise [thanks to Scott Sadman for this]

Hurghada [   ] — clockwise [thank you Robin Pollard for reporting this to us]



EL SALVADOR  [   ] — counterclockwise [thank you John Paterson for reporting this to us]



Suva [   ] — counterclockwise, "not very big, but fascinating."  [Thank you David Hamnett for reporting this to us.]



Helsinki [HEL] — counterclockwise

Tampere [   ]— counterclockwise





Bergerac [   ] — none, bags loaded onto a baggage train, driven 10 meters, then off loaded onto floor of Arrivals Lounge (Arrivals Lounge is a small portacabin) [thank you Leigh Byrne esq.]

Dinard [   ] — none, just goes straight to a collecting bay, very small, doesn’t always work [thank you Cat for reporting this to us]


Lyon [   ] — counterclockwise

Marseilles [   ] — counterclockwise [Thank you James Lowe]

Nice [NCE] — counterclockwise [thanks to John Meredith]

Paris (Charles de Gaulle) [CDG] — counterclockwise


Strasbourg [   ] — clockwise [thank you Nick for reporting this to us]




Libreville [   ] — clockwise

Mayumba [   ] — none





Berlin (Tegel) [TXL] —counterclockwise

Cologne [    ] -- counterclockwise [Thank you Michael Schmitt for this report]


Duesseldorf [DUS] — both clockwise and counterclockwise

Frankfurt [FRA] — both clockwise and counterclockwiseHamburg [HAM] ? clockwise


Hanover [HAJ] — counterclockwise

Nuremburg [   ] — clockwise [thank you Andrew Simpson]

Saarbrucken [SCN] — clockwise [Thank you Doug Burgess for reporting this to us]



[   ]  Counterclockwise — [thanks to Tony Russel for this]



Athens [   ] — clockwise [thank you Russell Carman]

Hania [CHA] — counterclockwise

Paros Island [PAS] -- a six-foot slide [thank you Ron Cocker for this report]

Preveza [PVK] — counterclockwise [thank you James Nunnerley]

Samos [   ] — clockwise Greece

Skiathos [JSI] — no carousel. Baggage dumped on ground for passengers to rummage through. [thank you John Karban]

Thessaloniki [SKG] — clockwise [thank you Eric Glasgow]








Tegcigalpa [   ] — none [thank you John Paterson]



Hong Kong (Chep Lak Kok) [HKG] — clockwise



Budapest (Ferihegy) [BUD] — counterclockwise




Akureyri [   ] — none [thank you Jon Thorsteinsson for this report]

Egilstadir [   ] — a short belt [thank you Jon Thorsteinsson]

Keflavik [   ] — clockwise [thank you Styrmir Barkarson]

Rekjavik (Keflavik) [KEF] — counterclockwise [Thank you Douglas Balog and Jon Thorsteinsson for reporting this to us.]



Bangalore [   ] — clockwise [thanks to Martin Gray for this]

Cochin [   ] —counterclockwise

Delhi (Domestic) [   ] — counterclockwise

Mumbai (formerly Bombay) (Domestic)[   ] — counterclockwise



Cork [   ] — has two carousels, the one on the left goes clockwise, the one on the right goes counterclockwise [thank you David Hancock for this report]

Dublin [DUB]— counterclockwise [thank you Paul Smart for this report]

Shannon [   ] — clockwise, fourf carousels at a "quite dull" airport [thanks to Joey Joe Joe Johnson]



Tel Aviv [TLV] — counterclockwise



Bologna [   ] — counterclockwise, at least the one that was working went counterclockwise [thanks to Joey Joe Joe Johnson]

Milan [   ] — counterclockwise [thanks to Tony Restall for this]

Naples [   ]— counterclockwise; that is, when they move. That's one of the endearing features of this airport: though it's surprisingly small for such a large city, it provides all the delays of a larger facility. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of benches on which to pass the resulting time, but at least the wait provides a soothing prelude to the decidedly non-dull Naples traffic. [thanks to Greg Hamblin for this report]

Rome [   ] — counterclockwise [thanks to Victoria Birch for this]Turin [   ] — clockwise

Venice (Treviso) — clockwise


Abidjan [   ] — counterclockwise



Nagoya [   ] — clockwise

Osaka [   ]— counterclockwise [thanks to Mat Grouse for this report]

Tokyo (Narita) [NRT] — clockwise



Lamu [   ] — no carousel [thank you Mark Macauley for this report]

Mombassa [   ] — counterclockwise

Nairobi [   ] — clockwise




Pakse [   ] — none [thanks to Ian Harris]

Vientiane [   ] v belt goes straght, luggage falls off at the end [Thank you J.A. Watts]


Beirut [   ] — counterclockwise [thanks to Igor Boog]


Kuala Lumpur [KUL] —counterclockwise [Thank you Arch Roberts for this report. Arch adds that the carousel runs quite silently, and that there is another belt for oversize luggage, which is not a carousel, but many seem to spend a lot of time watching it. By the way, Arch was one of the original members of the local chapter of the DMC in Washington DC.]

 Lankawi [   ] — counterclockwise [thank you Paul for this report]

Penang [PEN] — counterclockwise




Male [   ] — counterclockwise



Counterclockwise [Thank you Robin Ayres for this report]



Chihuahua [CUU] — counterclockwise [thank you Daniel Gonzalez for this report]

Merida [   ] — counterclockwise [thank you Julian Solis for this report]

Mexico City [MEX] — counterclockwise



Tangier [TNG] — clockwise [thank you Nadia for this report]


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