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bullet National Napping Month
PE00480_.WMF (15648 bytes) August -- the month when many people take vacations -- brings a special opportunity for Dull Men. They can indulge in one of their favorite pastimes -- napping. Proper vacation planning is the key. Pick a spot that provides good napping facilities. Avoid exciting, noisy locations.


And bring along a good book to read. We highly recommend "The Art of Napping" by William A. Anthony, Ph.D. russbuy.gif (3255 bytes)


Other Events

National Win with Civility Month

August 1-31. Being civil to each others gives us a good feeling . . . a contented feeling . . . feeling confident that we are always doing the right thing. For info:  Thomas Danaher, PO Box 85147, Las Vegas, NV 89185, www.americansforcivility.com.


Rounds Resounding Day

August 1. Dull Men like thing that repeat. We like this event. To sing rounds, catches, and canons in folk contrapuntal tradition. Motto:—As rounds re-sound and resound, all the world's joined in a circle of harmony. — Annually, Aug 1. For info: Gloria T. Delamar, Founder, Rounds Resounding Soc. Phone: (215) 782-1059.E-mail: Rounds.Resounding.Society@juno.com


The Late Queen Mother's Birthday

August 4.  We liked to watch the Queen Mother's movements, if any, on this day.  They feel some excitement (enough excitement for them) when we saw her doing what the Royals do best . . . wave.   We would rather watch the Queen Mother than any other Royal.  The other Royals are much too exciting . . . for example, Prince Charles falling off his horse.


Federal Income Tax: Anniversary

August 5, 1861. Abraham Lincoln signed into law the first federal income tax, to become effective Jan 1, 1862. It was a 3 percent tax levied on incomes of more than $800, as an emergency wartime measure only. It was never really put into effect and was rescinded in 1872.

Blueberry Festival

August 6-7. Library Lawn and Village Green, Montrose, PA.  20th annual fund-raiser for the Susquehanna County Library and Historical Society. Two days filled with food, fun, and festivity. Raffles, book sale, children's games, silent auction, hand stitched quilt, commemorative items and more. Annually, the first Friday and Saturday in August. Est attendance: 5,000. For info: Hilary Caws-Elwitt, Susquehanna Co. Historical Soc. and Free Library Association, 2 Monument Sq, Montrose, PA 18801. Phone: (717) 278-1881. Fax: (717) 278-9336. Email:suspulib@epix.net


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